Example Photography Schedule
(not applicable to the Advanced Week)
During your time with us you'll learn (or revise) the principles of photography to ensure that you understand fully how a camera works and how you can use that knowledge creatively. You'll also learn how to think and see creatively, with particular emphasis on composition, light, shape, colour and form. In short, you will learn how to make your camera do what you want it to do in order to become a creative artist!
Finally, you will learn the importance of 'post-processing' your images on your computer and how to do this properly, using simple techniques.
A typical week for our photography guests might look like the schedule below. Note, however, that the schedule is flexible and will always be dictated by weather conditions / local events / etc.
In the unlikely event of bad weather, we will do some work in the studio, or visit an interesting church - maybe l'église de St. Vincent in le Mas d'Agenais where we can see Rembrand's stunning altar piece*, 'Christ on the Cross' hanging on the wall - incredible!  Or maybe a visit to Allemans-du-Dropt to photograph the weird C15th frescoes.
Saturday - Arrival


This is a free day (see our FAQs) so you can relax by the pool and recover from your journey, or go for a walk or borrow one of our cycles and discover Le Canal Latéral and the ruined church of St. Juin. Maybe take a coffee at la Halte Nautique. But whatever you do, be sure to be back in time for Jill's delicious lunch and a glass or two of nice cold rosé!

We get to work, travelling to the Lot-et Garonne's second largest town. Here, we will make sure we're all singing from the same hymn sheet, produce an image suitable for use on the cover of the town's tourist brochure, and then head up to one of France's prettiest villages, before heading home via some great photo opportunities.

Out and about again, shooting various photogenic villages and landscapes, including a vineyard and the area's best preserved bastide village. Then back home for some computer processing tips.

Today we set off with the painters, but leave them to do some sketching whilst we shoot some street photography at the beautiful, tree-shaded market in Lavardac. This is followed by a visit to the Moulin des Tours d' Henri Quatre and the Roman bridge at Barbaste. After lunch we leave the painters to do their thing and go on down to Nérac to photograph the old town, the river Baiise, and the chateau of Henri IV

Pete often likes to keep this day for doing things 'off the cuff', depending on who's in the group and how everyone is doing. Of course, there's always the optional trip to Bordeaux (if everyone is in agreement)

A full day (accompanied by the painters) at the fabulous Latour-Marliac water lily nursery; this is most guests' favourite day and will really put to the test the skills you've learned during the week!

Saturday - Departure