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Beginners are welcome!
You don't have to be an experienced painter or photographer to enjoy our holidays!

Beginners are extremely welcome; indeed, around half of our guests (both for painting and photography) classify themselves as beginners.

Nothing is more satisfying for us than to have someone leave at the end of their holiday with the ability to achieve things that they had no idea about when they arrived.

Because each guest here at Painting Photography France receives individual help and guidance (we have very little 'group tuition'), you can work at your own pace and have no need to fear that you won't be able to "keep up with the others".

Whatever your level of knowledge in whichever medium you want to work in, at Painting Photography France every effort is made to ensure that your learning experience is as enjoyable as we can make it, even if it means Pete lying flat on the gravel in order to make his point!
Photographer Peter Evans-  tutor at Painting Photography France
Jill fellows -painting tuotor at Painting Photography France