All prices include seven nights accommodation in your own en-suite room, transfers from and to airports or train stations (see Terms and Conditions), breakfast, picnic lunch and evening meal, plus teas, coffees, beer, soft drinks, aperitifs and  wine taken 'chez nous'


Whether eating in restaurants in the evening or picnicking at lunchtime, you'll experience a true French gastronomic delight!

Wine, beer and coffee in cafés and restaurants is not included in our pricing. However very drinkable wine here is exceptional value and so, unless you're a 'Fine Wine' aficionado, we find that even the 'happiest' diner will normally be paying only around 20 to 25 euros for dinner wine for the whole seven nights!

Most evenings we will take you to a different restaurant in the area so that you can experience a variety of local 'ambience'. **

One or two evenings during the week you may dine "Chez Nous" (Jill is an excellent cook).

And on one very special evening, dinner is cooked and served in the home of one of the most respected chefs in the area, Yvette Pompele (or "Vétou" to all who know her) **
An expert in the cuisine of southwest France, Vétou was featured in Episode 3 of  Rick Stein's television series 'A French Odyssey' which was broadcast by the BBC in the UK.  In his Times newspaper feature on the subject of his series, Stein said

"There are restaurants beside the canal, too - not as many as you’d think, but one in particular stands out, in Lagruere, with a lively cook called Vétou. She cooked a beautiful magret de canard for us, with a really good red-wine sauce made from a Côtes du Marmandais, from the Cave Co-opérative de Cocument"

Vétou has since retired from La Halte Nautique but we are delighted that she has agreed to act as your chef for one of the nights you're with us - and in her own home too. Indeed it will be the very meal that Vétou cooked for Rick Stein that she will be cooking for you!

Vétou also features in Kate Hill's book "A Culinary Journey in Gascony"
** Notes:
Vétou's availability is always subject to her own personal and domestic  circumstances.

Restaurant visits depend on restaurant availability and numbers of guests present.

Lunches for non-participating guests are available at extra cost