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A Typical Painting Week
You can learn about painting from books, or by searching the internet, but nothing compares with working alongside an experienced plein-air artist, like Jill Fellows.

At Painting-Photography-France, you'll receive individual attention tailored to your knowledge and ability. And you'll have a lot of fun too!  Laughter is high on the menu here (just take a look at our comments section!)

A typical week for our painting guests might look like the schedule below. Note, however, that the schedule is flexible and will always be dictated by weather conditions / local events / etc.

Sunday is a free day (see our FAQs) so you can relax by the pool and recover from your journey, or go for a walk and discover Le Canal Latéral and the ruined church of St. Juin. Maybe take a coffee at la Halte Nautique. But whatever you do, be sure to be back in time for Jill's delicious lunch and a glass or few of nice cold rosé! Over lunch, we'll discuss our mutual passion and the week ahead.
With the painting gear and our lovely picnic loaded into the car, we get to work, travelling to a nearby windmill, high above the valley of the Garonne. The mill is typical of this area of southwest France and it's a perfect place to set up our tables, easels and chairs and paint plein-air. It's peaceful, tranquil, and the views are stunning.
Perhaps a visit to a picturesque local village. Or maybe, if the timing's right, we'll find a lovely sunflower scene. With three magnificent rivers, a canal, a myriad fields, orchards and vineyards, lush forests, rolling hills, and verdant valleys, we're spoilt for choice. It's no exaggeration to say that picturesque beauty abounds in the Lot-et-Garonne.
Today we set off with our photography guests, but leave them to do their thing while we do some sketching in the beautiful, tree-shaded market in Lavardac (and a bit of shopping for those so inclined!). This is followed by a two minute drive down the road to paint the Moulin des Tours d'Henri IV and the Roman bridge at Barbaste
Jill often likes to keep this day for doing things 'off the cuff', depending on who's in the group and how everyone is doing. We have a beautiful house and garden and there is a lovely ruined church just across the way.

A full day out (accompanied by our photography guests) at the world renowned Latour-Marliac water lily nursery. This is most guests' favourite day, presenting challenges that will really put to the test the skills you've learned during the week.